NIU Housing: So Many Options!

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It’s been awhile, but I’m back to talk about a pretty important issue at this time of year: housing. It’s that time where new students and current students are figuring out which residence hall (or other living option) that they will be in the following school year. My first year I lived in Douglas Hall in the Honors House. I had originally been signed up to live in a suite in Stevenson, but at the last minute decided to switch to Douglas so I could live with other Honors Students. For me, this was a fantastic choice. I had a wonderful roommate and made some of my best friends living on the floor that I did (C4!). Residence hall life was a ton of fun and was a really good way to meet people. After my first year I got an apartment with some friends just off campus. At that time, as a vegetarian, the options for food were limited in the dining halls and I also wanted to save some money, so I felt like an apartment was a good option for me.
New students, even if you are old enough to get out of living in the residence halls, you should still consider living in them just for a year. There are so many options, like transfer floors, floors based on your major, or floors based on lifestyle. I would personally recommend looking at all of the different living communities at and seeing which one sounds interesting to you!As always, Go Huskies!


NIU Campus Kindness

I think that one small thing on NIU’s campus that really adds to the atmosphere, but can often go unnoticed, is the random acts of kindness I see from students, faculty, and staff each day. Common courtesy is something the NIU community seems to take to heart. I have often had the door held open for me on campus, which is a really awesome and fairly simple random act of kindness. Aside from that, and the many other things the people of NIU do for each other, there is one situation that went above and beyond a simple act of kindness that I have experienced. Last semester I was having an incredibly crummy day. Coming out of the Campus Life Building I saw a small table set up on the corner of the street. There was a group of about five people handing out coffee and hot chocolate. I was resistant to approach them at first, assuming they were selling the coffee or that they were advertising something along with the drinks. However, I was pleasantly surprised when they offered me the coffee and said that it was free. I waited a moment for the tag line of “and support this or that” but when it didn’t come I asked why they were giving out coffee and hot chocolate. Their reason? To be nice. They said it was cold out and they wanted to just do something nice for their fellow students. I have no idea who they were or if they were even involved in an organization, but that doesn’t really matter. Their random act of kindness made my day and even though it happened months ago, that small act still comes to mind.

Have a Huskie Day!

So Many Things to Love!

When asked to reflect on what I ❤ about NIU, it’s hard to really pick just one thing, so I will mention a few. The first that about NIU that I love is the people. I have met so many wonderful, like-minded students, professors, and staff that have made my experience here so fantastic. In my eyes we have an incredible community at this school that is not inherent at other colleges and universities. The second thing that I am thankful for is all of the opportunities I’ve had. I have had a number of research (URAP and McKearn Summer Fellowship) and leadership (TLC Peer Leader and NLA of course, just to name a few) opportunities that have given me so many useful skills. I’ve also been a part of so many organizations, in both member and leadership roles. I never thought I would be so involved since I was going to a big school! One last thing I will mention about NIU that I love is how diverse the campus is. While I mentioned earlier that there are many like-minded people that I have met and gotten along with, the different opinions and experiences that others can bring are incredibly valuable and I am so glad that NIU has people from everywhere and all walks of life.

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Football and Safety

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This Fall Semester has been quite exciting. Not only have I had the opportunity to take part in so many great activities/events, but I have had the chance to cheer on our Huskies at a few football games. I went to a few football games earlier in the season and also got to serve as an NLA at a different game. Taking alumni to the field and driving the golf carts around was actually a lot of fun! As for the games I couldn’t make it to, I watched them on TV. I can’t believe how great our team has become and I look forward to going to whatever bowl game we play at. In addition to football I also enjoy spending time with my friends and eating at local dining establishments. DeKalb really has a lot to offer, with its great little shops and restaurants, and I have fun just going downtown and seeing what new places I can find.

One thing that is very important in town and on campus is safety. After meeting with the new police chief, Tom Phillips, the NLA’s (myself included) learned about numerous ways we can be safe on and off campus. One thing he mentioned was that students should not be walking with their phones blatantly out. This will help minimize crime because potential criminals won’t know that you have an expensive electronic device on your person and easily stolen. Another he said was that students should be aware of credit card scams where they might be approached and be offered a sum for giving them their credit card information. This is considered fraud and students should not oblige these offers. The last thing of import that Chief Phillips said is that text alerts students receive will only be sent if there are significant security threats to the students. After meeting with him I feel much more aware of how NIU PD works.

As always GO HUSKIES,

Engaged Learning On and Off Campus

This summer I was able to take part in two really exciting engagement opportunities through NIU. My first little trip was to Montreal, Canada. This was a study abroad opportunity that was organized by the Honors Program on campus. I had never been out of the country before, so the trip was such an amazing new experience for me. I learned so much about French-Canadian heritage and different aspects of Quebec society. After going to Montreal, I feel like you can’t truly appreciate somewhere until you have been there.
In addition to having a blast in Canada, I was selected to be a McKearn Summer Fellow. This fellowship included opportunities to meet NIU alumni as well as get engaged and do some in-depth research. I had the chance, for my research, to work on a documentary about a local organization that provides youth with disabilities an outlet to perform in musical theater. It was a really rewarding experience in so many ways.
So what am I doing now in relation to engagement? Well, this semester I am doing research through the Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship Program. I’ll definitely be talking more about that in future posts. Right now I am in the process of collecting data.
Overall, I am so enriched by and thankful for the engagement opportunities I’ve had here at NIU!

As always, GO HUSKIES!

Getting Classy

Fall semester always seems like a new start. After a refreshing summer and the first few weeks of class, this Fall semester has proved to be just that. My excitement for Fall lies in so many different areas of my life, especially academics. This semester I am taking Media Writing, Audio Production, Advanced Post Production, Mass Media and American Politics, and Politics of Environmental Health and Safety. While I am excited about all of these classes, I have really been enjoying my two production courses. I have assignments due in both classes in the coming weeks which have been fun to work on. For my audio class I have to put together a 2 minute story using only sound effects, and for post production I had to make a video using footage I found. In addition to those classes, I am really interested in the topics we will be covering in both of my politics courses. Though I haven’t had the chance to plan my schedule for next semester, I am hoping to take another media production class, as well as get into the Public Administration course. Though my two majors are pretty different, I  find that I really enjoy learning about so many different topics. While I couldn’t just pick out one favorite course I have taken at NIU, one of my favorite academic experiences was getting to study abroad in Montreal, Canada this past summer. I’m excited to see what the rest of the semester has in store for me!
Let’s go Huskies!

Beginning the NLA Journey

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I’m Juliana Leprich, a junior media studies and public administration and service double major. This year, during my NLA experience, I will be a part of the Student/Civic Engagement Committee. I am from a town of about 15,000 just south of the Wisconsin border and was involved in a number of organizations in high school. Coming to NIU has given me the chance to become involved in so many new and exciting opportunities, like being an NLA, that have helped me expand upon my past involvement. In addition to being involved in the NLA program, I have had the great fortune to be given many other exciting opportunities in both the OSEEL and Honors offices.

I can remember my first day of class at NIU. I was finally starting college. And with that, I can remember all of the reasons, in addition to the excitement of University life, that brought me here. Not only was NIU close (enough) to home, but it was also good for me financially. My sister came here too, so I was really excited to have that commonality with her.

I wanted to be an NLA because I love working with new students and sharing campus resource information with them. I like helping others find a club or organization that is really exciting for them. I’m really looking forward to all of the upcoming alumni and leadership events.

The experience that stands out the most to me during my time at NIU was having the chance to go to Chicago to promote NIU going to the Orange Bowl. Seeing the Huskie pride throughout the state was such an exciting and cool thing.

Thanks for reading and Go Huskies!